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could lead to novel ways to prevent T1D in at-risk populations, and slow the progression of the disease in individuals already diagnosed.

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Hey there @supersam101 ;

I’m confused. T1 is viral, for lack of a better qualifier. I don’t think there’s an “at-risk population”, we are as diverse as any other auto-immune disease with no physical trigger.

Slowing progression, now there’s a expansive topic. I would suggest the contents of this website are the suggestions and tips you are looking for.

In general: test, exercise, count your carbs, visit your health-care professionals, and track cause/effects of what you do.

I’m sad to say it, but there’s no magic bullet, there’s no exact regimen that works for everyone. I’m a very fortunate and ill-behaved 52 yo T1, diagnosed at 10 mos. I have lived my life drinking, druging, smoking; I eat potato chips and pizza with abandon; I’ve been vegetarian, gluten-free, additive free; I alternate wearing a CGMS with testing 1-2x a day, I used to give myself 8 shots a day, now I wear a pump.


But I am well-informed. I KNOW if I have 2 slices of pizza, I have to program my insulin dose for a longer basal delivery to match the metabolism of all those carbs with all that cheese. I KNOW that when I’m sick and have no appetite, I need to bump my bolus up 10-20 % to cover the cortisol generated by being stressed from illness. I KNOW that I need to treat a hangnail like it’s a gaping wound to prevent infections. I KNOW that every morning when I wake, I am facing a new adventure in control of my disease.

This all comes with a hell of a lot of frustration and more than a fair share of failures over an extremely long time.

As I recall our previous exchanges, I surmise you are still getting your feet under you since your diagnosis. Life is unfair as you are just starting your life journey. But you are strong, you are a fighter. I hope you learn from the stories we all present to you within this forum.

My ONLY advice is to give any new regimen you try a fair shake. EVERYTHING takes a bunch of time, and a bunch of trial and error.

Stay strong -