This is a Rant (probably)

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Oh…ugh @bookwormnerd13

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What has helped some people is the CGM that communicates with the pump and suspends basal insulin flow until the user acts.
And better still is the next later model that not only suspends basal when heading low is the pump CGM combination that will increase basal flow as BGL is increasing or just decrease rate, rather than suspend, as BGL is dropping.
Both of the pumps to which I refer are Medtronic. And supposedly the newest Medtronic CGM is more accurate than the two immediate predecessor CGM.

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@sophiespieg, I generally wait about two hours after a meal.
In days [years] past I wouldn’t wait that long but now my body has accustomed itself to the rapid-acting insulins and they no longer work rapidly in me.
I suggest that you experiment with your body and keep charts. I write everything in a small notebook and I enter all data into my pump - the Medtronic “Carelink” software gives me good pictures.

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No sorry Needed supersam101. After research and research and education I questions everything. I wonder why my son when we eat healthy organic food and he never had a sweet tooth like me or my oldest. He is active and it ANGERS ME TOO! I have always though wow with the money this disease brings in is the reason to delay the cure. My husband happened to transfer from a hospital to a pharma company and my son was diagnosed a month later. We are blessed to get better care for him now and I have found out about a lot more trials and things that are up and coming to help. My son has the dexcom G6 ( it does NOT need calibrating at all and is off by only 2! we still check often as my son is so young and active and no more than 5 off even during his wild bed jumping time. It has amazing alerts. highs, lows aprox amount of minutes before you hit a really low low. I love it. 2nd I would suggest NEVER sugar free. My son is 5 and we were told not to restrict carbs, but opt for healthier carbs. Our dr told us those chemicals are worse on us then sugar. My sons gets to have a mini candy bar with his dinner which is 9 carbs on special occasions and on birthdays if he wants cake it is ok< but he just doesn’t want it anymore. I found some amazing flour and dairy free cookies and recipes that help with lower carbs. I am sorry your struggling with this we are learning and have our days I just break down and feel like screaming, but I pick myself up and say I refuse to let this define my boy or make him feel like he cannot be or do what he wants. he just has to be more careful than others. I think my 5 year old is tougher and more resilient than me.

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@staceybartleyandrade I’m glad to hear that Stacey. I hope your boy stays well. Yeah I’ve kind of gotten used to it (diabetes), if you can ever say you’re used to it. I do have a problem with my self image now though. Most of my good friends don’t see me the same anymore. I don’t have anyone near me or in my college that has the damn disease. But I mentioned this is another topic. (just check my profile). Yeah the medical research team is extremely slack. They do not work as hard as possible which annoys me, but hey there’s only one way to change the world. (I’m not gonna say how because I’ll be arrested) but it’s still an option.