This is a Rant (probably)

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Oh…ugh @bookwormnerd13

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What has helped some people is the CGM that communicates with the pump and suspends basal insulin flow until the user acts.
And better still is the next later model that not only suspends basal when heading low is the pump CGM combination that will increase basal flow as BGL is increasing or just decrease rate, rather than suspend, as BGL is dropping.
Both of the pumps to which I refer are Medtronic. And supposedly the newest Medtronic CGM is more accurate than the two immediate predecessor CGM.

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@sophiespieg, I generally wait about two hours after a meal.
In days [years] past I wouldn’t wait that long but now my body has accustomed itself to the rapid-acting insulins and they no longer work rapidly in me.
I suggest that you experiment with your body and keep charts. I write everything in a small notebook and I enter all data into my pump - the Medtronic “Carelink” software gives me good pictures.