This is actually going to kill me

(SuperSam101) #1

This disease is actually going to kill me. I am writing now on a blood glucose of 19 and it hasn’t dropped below 16 for a month and a half,

(Ray) #2

Sam you should seek assistance from your medical team (endo, educator, etc). I’ve had experience with sugars not coming down for a few days do to illnesses (cold, flu) but never for that long of a period. Wishing you well.

(joe) #3

@supersam101 didn’t you have a hypo 8 days ago? Anyway. A good walk will bring down most stubborn highs unless you are sick with a cold or taking steroids. You probably should have s long talk with your doctor.

(BookwormNerd13) #4

Sam @supersam101
It sounds like you should talk to your doctor or care team. Everyone has periods when their T1D is a bit harder to control but yours sounds like more of a long-term problem, both physically and mentally. If you haven’t already talked to a therapist, I recommend doing so. Tell your endo about your concerns with your blood sugar levels and your negative feelings towards your condition; they’ll be able to help you find a way to deal with both.
Best of luck :slight_smile: