Thoughts on current CGMs

(Mary) #21

Thank you so much for your input. I was not aware that medicare had updated this policy.

(davyboy) #22

Hi,Mary. I don’t understand the second sentence. Are you saying even with the G6 the pump can’t update to closed look when it gets approved?

Also, when do you estimate Medicare will approve the G6 for type 1 diabetics?


(Mary) #23

No, I was not talking about the closed loop with Tandem 2X. When you do the upgrade with Tandem 2X for the pump, you can only use G6 thereafter. I was told Medicare now approves the G6 Dexcom. So, if you are with Medicare, you should get G6. with your next prescription renewal. As always, you should check the Medicare site for the particulars about being within their parameters to get the new prescription.

(Mary) #24


Have you shared that info with the group?


(davyboy) #25

One last time, please, to clarify. As I understand from what you said, if I buy the Tandem t:slim2x, then when the closed loop system gets approved for use by FDA, I can get the software update for use in my 2X by your routine download, as long as I am on the g6 CGM at that time?


(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #26

Not exactly Mary @FlasH2b. According to CMS [Medicare], current persons approved for and using Dexcom G5 will be upgraded to the G6 when all service life of the G5 transmitters paid for through CMS has expired. This is posted in detail on both government and company sites.

Davy @davyboy the Tandem updates are more complicated to summarize here but there is much information posted on the Tandem website. There also have been some good explanations of what is expected once approval of the more advanced system by FDA - until approval, there is just “educating guessing”. Also keep in mind that FDA approval does NOT guarantee any actions by CMS.

(Mary) #27

Thanks for clarification !!


(George) #28

I believe that Medicare just approved the GYM.

(Albert) #29

Mary just so you know the g6 is not covered by medicare YET as of me writing this 12/4/18. Thru the Dexcom rep ( Jessica Huchel ) medicare should approve the g6 some time in April 2019

(Celeste) #30

They have 14 day sensors now? That’s amazing. Wish my doctor cared enough about my wallet to email me and tell me this! Will have to check this out.

(Onebraveknight) #31

My son has a dexacom g6 sensor . Just came out. No calibrations necessary. I don’t know much about Medtronic for he wears a tandem slim pump. Highly recommend dexacom…he just started g6

(Patti) #32

Hi Celeste, if you call Freestyle Libre and give them your email and other info they need, you’ll get any new info and updates on their sensors. That’s how I found out & immediately got the ball rolling on getting the new 14 day & reader. The reader was free with a voucher sent to my email, then I took that to my pharmacy. My cost for the two 14 day sensors is 40.00 with my insurance. No, it’s not techy, but who cares, it works for me & that fact that the Medtronic & dexcom sensors have platinum in the wire inserted in you almost killed me with an anaphylactic reaction. I’ve had T1d 28 yrs, So I’m very grateful to Libre for making something different, something that will help me manage this blessing I’ve been given

(Patti) #33

Libre also has an app for your phone to scan the 14 day sensor. Nice progress by Libre all around!

(Dennis J. Dacey, pwD) #34

If you are really seeking longer term life for a CGM, I suggest that you take a close look at the Eversense device. currently approved in the USA for 90 day accuracy and the 180 day version approved for use by the EU.
The sensor device is usually put in place by a physician.

(PamK) #35

The new Dexcom G6 is not affected by acetaminophen (Tylenol). Just FYI!
Pam K.

(davyboy) #36

Okay, that is good news. Thanks.

(Sam) #37

Had the same issue with my daughters. Found out I was over-calibrating. Started calibrating in the a.m. and the p.m. before bed. (12 hours apart) and it fixed the problem. I’m a little late on this post but I’m new here. Hope you have it all figured out by now. Happy health!