(figure skater girl) #1

on thursdat i had an endo appoinment. my aic was 7!!!!!! there was a guy there getting his done too. it was 8.3 and his mom was all excited because his last one was 9. i wish mine had gone down more. i dropped only .2

(TextingMyPancreas) #2

That is still a wonderful number!  If you're not happy with it, I'd be happy to take it.  :)  Nice work.

(mellannie) #3

thats a good number! i think that the desired number for an adolescent is 7.5. which is what mine is!

(Anonymous) #4

Right on Courtenay!

(Maikuru) #5

Great work Court! 7 is a wonderful A1C so keep doing what your doing.

(since030993) #6

Seven is marvelous, love!  Congrats and keep it up!  lol or down! eep

(bassoonist1719) #7

That's awesome Courtnenay!  Every little bit counts so don't be discouraged!! 

(Gina) #8

Courtney! Congrats... I am so proud of you!!!!!! I am going for blood work wish me luck.

(system) #9

great job, courtenay. and good luck, gina! i'm going next week. i don't think mine has moved at all, but i'm okay with that! great job everyone :o)

(BrianPQuinn) #10


Any drop in the a1c is great. I am sure you worked hard in getting it down and I am sure you will keep up the hard work. And Gina, I am sure your numbers will be fine too. Good luck.

(Jesus_Freak_13) #11

 Yes but seven is perfect!! Well, that is where they try to keep me anyway. I was like 8.9 or somethink onetime, then we went back (After practically not eating for a month!) and it was back down to like 6.3 :) Guess thats whatcha get for going to a bad endo! :)

(Jesus_Freak_13) #12

 OH!! And also, a1c is kinda like wait loss, it is sooo easy ot get it up there, but sooo hard to get it down!! lol