(dbtc483) #1

I am in track now and it is fine and, wierdly, my blood sugars have been fine or a little high, But I keep hurting in my left leg and now it is like I could use crutches!( But my leg isn't broken) I have a meet on Monday and I don't know what to do because my leg is slowing me down!!!!!!!!! What do I do?!?!?! I am going to lose and let the whole team... scratch that... the whole SCHOOL down!!! I need explenations or somthing!

(JanelleIS) #2

First of all, good for you running track! What events are you in?  Please, what part of your leg hurts? Have you told your coach? Do you have a team trainer that could look at it? My son is a runner and ran track in high school (he is a Freshman in college now). He is out camping right now home on spring break (and the temperature is heading DOWN very cold tonight yikes!) otherwise I would have him respond to you. I'll try to grab him and have him read your post tomorrow..but leg pain could be many things...  Jake did/does find running an excellent way to keep his BG in check and managed. Ok, we may get back to you tomorrow!

(Anonymous) #3

I don't do track, however I am a big runner and I play tennis. If it's the front of the calf, it could always be shin splints. Those suck. I hate them.

(Eric_Carpenter) #4

You should probably talk to your coach, doctor, or school sports physician, this sounds more sports related than diabetes related.  I ran track and cross country, and found that if you run laps in the same direction every practice, or do a lot of running on concrete and asphalt, you are going to be sore.  Sometimes changing direction or running on a trail instead of a sidewalk are all you need.

(dbtc483) #5

Sorry I havn't been on in a while. It is the back of my leg up towards my... bottom... and sometimes in my knee or ancle. But it is always (or usually) the same leg and same place. And I havn't told any of my coaches. That is probably a bad idea. I am doing long jump, 100 meter, and 200 meter. I hope that answers your questions!