(cure4all) #1

Are there any good salines you use when training other people to give injections.

Some family really want to feel what the shot feels like and I don't know where to get the saline.

How about a saline glucagon?


(sarahslp) #2

Have you asked your pharmacist if this is something you can buy? I'd be wary of breaking out part of my glucagon kit if it were me.

(system) #3

you should just be able to ask the drug store. i dont think theres a "good" vs "bad" saline..its just water and salt..

(JDVsMom) #4

as other have said, your pharmacist should be able to get you the saline - and I think it would be just over the counter - probably saline nasal spray - just make sure it is just one that only contains salt (NaCl) and water. Squirt some in a clean cup and fill the syringe from that.

Are they really sure they want to try what a glucagon shot feels like? That is a bigger needle that is designed to go intramuscularly - so I think it could be harder to get the right needle/syringe. It would feel more like getting a immunization (like the flu shot). (I would guess - I don't know for sure). And as you would not 'feel' the glucagon shot if someone has to give it to you - since you should be passed out or having a seizure to require it - is there really a need or desire to know what it feels like? If it is just to practice giving one - you could ask your diabetes clinic if they have some expired units to try on an orange. You could also talk with your CDE about both these questions.


(sarahslp) #5

When I was 7, my diabetes camp taught me to inject myself (big scary needles back then too!). Then had me start w/ an orange, but it wasn't helpful b/c it felt nothing like doing my own injection. You don't pinch any skin up and it goes in at a different rate. I still have an extremely clear memory of doing my own shot for the 1st time in m,y left leg! Just my personal opinion...