Tv shows

(Danielle89) #1

What are your favorite tv shows??

(Marldance) #2

Lost is my all time fave! Can't wait till january!!! I also like the Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs and south park. I watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report every night (it has become my main source of news... that can't be good) and I recently started watching weeds... wow college allows me to watch way too much tv

(Danielle89) #3

Scrubs is awsome.  The Office is ok.   American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, and One Tree Hill are probably my favorite shows.

(JThompson94) #4

Gray's Anatomy!!! Love it love it. Also, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader." So far, I am not according to the show! :( 

(Sarah_0776) #5

LOST, Fringe, and House are my favorites. I also like CSI, Flashpoint, and American Idol.

(Gina) #6

The Office, 30 Rock, Fringe, Madmen

(jessmay93) #7

Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Lost, & Degrassi are my favorites.

(Allie464) #8

I love Greys anatomy.... oh Mcdreamy what would us girls do without you lol. I'm also a fan of Heroes and Desperate housewives.

(Katie) #9

i love the show M*A*S*H  &  Ghost Hunters

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(ruthyhill) #12

Ugly Betty (although the original Betty can't compare to any of the remakes)!  I also love Taboo, Top Chef, and Project Runway (when they're airing)!

(EvilMonkey_123) #13

Americas Next Top Model.. =] lol

(jayjay19936) #14

House, one tree hill, Gilmore Girls, True Blood, Secret life of the american teenager =]

(whatruhere4) #15

i like CSI, American Idol (i tried out, but didn't get in), America's Best Dance Crew, um What Not to Wear, and Intervention. 

(Danielle89) #16

Did you try out this season??

(Parks26) #17

amierica's got talent

(whatruhere4) #18

[quote user="Danielle89"]

Did you try out this season??


yep, i was in the salt lake auditions but i was not on tv. although i wish they would have shown me fall on my butt at the delta center (i refuse to call it the energy solutions arena) haha. that would have made for a good laugh. i love humor so why not? haha

(Marie) #19

House, Heroes, Bones, Flashpoint, without a trace, fringe, csi...rescue heroes.

(stilledlife) #20

Oohh, I love cartoons... as long as it involves animation, you have my attention. Specially hand drawn animation, but I love computer work too.

Closest to my heart is... anything from cartoon network, "The spectacular spider-man," "Spongebob," and Jimmy Nutron about makes me squirt milk outa my nose, I'm getting picky about my anime/japanese works, but old school Disney cartoons like those 15 minute Goofy cartoon shorts are always worth watching again and again.

aaahhh animation