Type 1 and insulin resistance

(Taylor) #1

Hi! I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 11 (almost 14 years). I’ve always taken really good care of my diabetes and have never had an A1c over the low 8 range even through puberty. I’ve had a recent skin concern and both my primary and endo are contributing it to insulin resistance. Has anyone else ever had insulin resistance and what did you do to help safely lower your insulin levels? I am currently on a pump. Thanks for the help!

(joe) #2

@Tee25 hi Taylor,

if “skin concern” means they are giving you steroids - then your insulin resistance is very likely due to steroids. If the endo had no suggestions, and you had a 2nd opinion by another endo, I am not at all sure anything you could learn here would be helpful.

type 1’s can have insulin resistance or even acquire type 2. since we have to take insulin anyway, the typical answer is more insulin. sometimes and when a doctor thinks the benefits outweigh the risks, the endo may prescribe type 2 medications that help a person absorb insulin. “safely lower insulin levels” is a catch 22. you need what you need, reducing insulin will increase your blood sugar. the goal, the way I see it, is to reduce your serum blood sugar.

very resistant people can use stronger insulin, for example U-500 which is 5x stronger than the typical U-100 insulin.

Another question to ask the endo is what will be the effects of additional insulin, my guess is that you’ll start to gain a lot of weight. one of our only ways to deal with this it to minimize carbohydrates, and increase exercise and activity. good luck.

(Justyna) #3

Hello Taylor,

I have been insulin resistant for about 10 years until I changed my eating habits and I used to have cystic acne and eczema, I took steroids for a while but ultimately it comes down to what you are eating on daily basis. I was able to clear my skin and not be insulin resistant until I started eating much better, no meat and no processed foods. I don’t know if that helps but o have been a diabetic for 27 years and I went through a lot, so if you have any questions let me know.