Type 1 Diagnosis as Adult?

(Dennis J. Dacey, PWD) #21

Hi Donna @dbuchana, I like your philosophy about accepting what you have and move forward. That is, in my eyes, what it will take to live a full, productive life - and we now have so many great tools to assist us.

And with a broad smile on my face, I’ll tell you that you are one of the “lucky ones” being able to wait 56 whole years before your diagnosis; some current teaching that each in our “select” group was born with diabetes, or at least with the necessary mix of genes and those other determinants. Being diagnosed in the last 11 years means there is much that you don’t need to UNLEARN - the recent discoveries and developments in diabetes are mind-boggling. A lot of the “new stuff” is thanks to JDRF.

(Donna) #22

Couldn’t agree more. The tools available today make it so much easier. Don’t know if I’d have made it 11 years if I was diagnosed as a teen or younger. My CGM has been a lifesaver (literally).

(carl benwon) #23

Thanks Donna. I still struggle; however. A lot! Not my sugar. Not my diet. Not my injections. Not my pricks. Just the endless mindfulness. . .

Something about rhythm.


(Donna) #24

I understand completely. Sometimes you just want to be normal and not have to consider all that we think about day in and day out. I guess when I really get down, I try to focus on how good I have it compared to so many others in this life. I try to remember that I still have relatively good health, I can do most things that I want etc… That is what helps me to stop feeling sorry for myself and it usually works. Staying positive helps put all this other stuff in perspective.

(carl benwon) #25

I also have a lot to be thankful for. The consequence of my diagnosis was I lost 40 pounds and have kept it off! Surprising to see myself again in sizes I hadn’t worn for over 20 years! So, in my own eyes, I’m looking pretty good! Tall, slim, smiling, but. . . Folks don’t know my real struggles. Not being drawn to pity, I get that! Still though, there is loneliness with type 1 diabetes, even with supporting folks in your life. I’ll adjust in time. . .

(Donna) #26

Yeah, I agree with that. That’s actually why I finally started looking at websites like this one. It’s not quite the same as having someone you can go for a walk with and have real face time with, but it helps. Best of luck to you! Keep your chin up and take one step forward at a time🙄

(Andrew) #27

Hi Ashely,

I don’t know if you are still reading these posts or not… but I wanted to share my experiences with you. I am now 46 years old. I 1st went to the Dr after losing sight in both eyes, I was 33… not a blackout, just couldn’t focus on anything beyond my nose. I went to the ophthalmologist and after numerous lenses were placed in front of my eyes I could see!!! Sign me up with a pair of them goggles and I’ll be on my way… :slight_smile: She then started asking me questions about peeing a lot, constant thirst etc… and after I answered I was told that I probably had diabetes. I said diawhatees??? I went to the hospital right after and had a BG reading of 38.9. A shot of insulin and a lot of sleep and I literally woke up a diabetic…

They diagnosed me with type 2, gave my pills and sent me on my merry way… 3 months later I had lost 65 pounds and my Bg’s were crazy everywhere! I went to the Dr and was told that I was depressed??? ( I wasn’t crazy overweight, but weighed around 200 lbs I weighed 130 when I was diagnosed a T1) Sure I was bummed out but I was happy, hungry and eating well… these facts fell on deaf ears and I had to jump through the hoops and see a psychologist… Complete waste of time and I was still losing weight.

I ended up at the hospital again, this time I walked away a fully fledged T1 !!! Insulin pens and all. I also met a wonderful Dr who was stationed at the diabetic walk-in clinic where I was being treated. She eventually left the clinic and I was told that someone new would be looking at my file and following me??? WTF? I finally find someone who I trust, am comfortable with and will probably out live me and she disappears because of clinic rotation, job reshuffling??? I had to hunt her down myself (not in a stalker kinda way), just found her e-mail through a University web and dropped her a line. Now I have a full team following me and kicking me in the butt when I need it.

So I was originally diagnosed as a T2, and now am a T1 with my insulin pump, carb counting, insulin correction formulas etc…

Crazy path I’m on… My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 2, she’s now 8 and hoping to start the actual pump or omnipod variant. That’s all I’ve got I hope is was worth the read. :wink: