Type1 child with hyperthyroid

(nicky81) #1

Hey I have 8 year old with type1(7yrs) she has recently been diagnosed hyperthyroid. They want to start her on medication called Methimazole I hear most children start this medication and don’t go in remission. So I’m curious are their any other parents going through this. I’m very curious are there other options or just medicine? What are the outcomes of using the medics? Please any responses or helpful hints?

(joe) #2

@nicky81 Hi.

Thyroid disorders are more common for people with type 1 diabetes. My experience is in hypothyroid, as I stopped making thyroid a long time ago and now I have to take a pill to replace it. synthetic thyroid doesn’t have any side effects in me.

you should discuss how dangerous any drug is with your doctor, and then if the explanations are not satisfactory, a second opinion from another doctor. Thyroid is necessary and associated with growth and metabolism, but that’s all I really know.

low thyroid needs to be replaced and very high thyroid would probably need to be controlled, there are not many options in my opinion.