Unused Dexcom G5 Receiver, transmitters and sensors- Throw out?

(Evan) #1

I have a Dexcom G5 Mobile Receiver Kit, 2 boxes of mobile transmitters and 4 boxes of PLATINUM sensor kits that we ordered for my daughter but that she never used. The boxes are unopened but they appear to have recently gone out of date ? (9/13/18).

Are they no longer usable and I should throw them out?

Or can I send them to someone who can use them?

(Kate) #2

I’m in the same boat, I have receiver that I never used and a box (4 kits) of unopened sensor kits. Would love to donate somewhere??


If you are interested, ( and they are still available) I would be interested in taking them off of your hands and could pay shipping. You can direct message me if you’d like.
Thank you