Video series about T1D and mental illness

(Somer) #1

Hi Guys,
My name is Somer I am a 21 year old filmmaker living in Puyallup Washington. I decided to start producing a series about T1D and even more so T1D and mental illness (anxiety and depression). I would love to chat with some of you about your personal struggles and how it might relate to mine and also the polar opposite people who have different experiences.
Thank you and happy BGs!

(BookwormNerd13) #2

Hi! I’m Abby. :slight_smile: I’m 15 and I’ve had T1 since I was 7. I have anxiety (fairly severe) and depression (mild). I’d love to chat with you! Please feel free to email me at

(Luisa) #3

Hi, I am Luisa, Parent of an 11 year old w/ T1D. I’d be interested in sharing our story and how it has affected all of our family as a whole. Feel free to reach out!

(Somer) #4

Hi Luisa! I appreciate your willingness to share your families story with me and the parental aspect of things if definitely something I want to address as well. I’m not sure how you’d like to communicate, but my email is, let me know what works best!