We have a month?

(Andy) #1

Apparently, November is nation Diabetes Awareness month. Wow! I’ve never had a “month” before. At least not one I knew about. Pretty exciting stuff!
In honor of our month, I will be doing the JDRF Walk in Anaheim this weekend. I hear anyone with T1D scores a free bandana for attending!

Dragging my wife and dog along, also. and hopefully, more than a few neighbors/friends as well.

Walking for a great cause? Good.
Getting neighbors and friends involved and educated? Good.
Chance to look like an aging rock star? Excellent.

(bsteingard) #2

What a great attitude! I hope you enjoy the Walk. As a kid I I though they were the only good thing about having diabetes. More of my friends and family came to those than to my birthday parties and my parents would always host a big cookout afterwards.