We just reached 4800 members!

(Gina) #1

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to tell you all that we currently have 4800 members on Juvenation! Almost to our 5000 member goal! Wow!

I want to urge you all to tell all of your friends and family to join so that they can receive a May issue of JDRF Countdown e-magazine at the end of the month.

And don't forget the member that gets the most members to join juvenation from now until June 15 has the chance to win a Track3 Electronic Carb Counting device donated by one of our members DAR. For contest details click here.

Thank you everyone for all your support on juvenation.org!



(Anonymous) #2

Ha ha, think we'll ever reach a million? :)

(Gina) #3

Who knowS!

(Ian Green) #4

I hope there aren't 1 million diabetics to join:(

(Anonymous) #5

Unfortunately, I bet there are...





(Joshy84) #6

Remember this site is not only for those with Diabetes but also those who are affected.... Friends, Familys, or anyone affected by Diabetes. So unfortunately, there are 1 million people out there affected by this. Hopefully we can reach as many as we can.

(meme) #7

Hello Gina,Is there a video anywher-youtube? showing how this works?

(meme) #8

Gina,I forgot to mention track3 Electronic carb counting device. I wanted to know if I could see how this works. Is  there anything on youtube? Do many people use this?