Welcome Back Gina

(orange_mms) #1

I hope you had a wonderful time in spain !!!

(Anonymous) #2

Spain??!! >gasp< JEALOUS!
Hope you had a great time, Gina, but we’re glad to have you back

(Gina) #3

Hiiii Everyone,

Yes I am back but...barely! I  am exhausted!!!

(BrianPQuinn) #4

Did you bring us back presents or at least a Post Card???

(Gina) #5

ummmm.... I brought you back ME! LOL

(BrianPQuinn) #6

Which is a great gift don't get me wrong. But no Post Card??? Shucks!

(Gina) #7

Lol!! I will jusst have to go back then!

(BrianPQuinn) #8

There is no harm with multiple trips to Spain. Do you have any stories you can share at least? Any travel related issues or anything like that?

(Gina) #9

Actually no crazy problems with the big d at all! my blood sugars were running like I was cured! Maybe I need to go live in spain to have better blood sugars!