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TypeOneNation is JDRF’s vibrant social network for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D), their families and friends. The site is created for—and powered by—the type 1 community. Members of this diverse and lively community exchange information, answers and support. Anyone over 13 can sign up, connect with others and join the conversation.

(RareBookDealer) #2

This website is difficult for me to navigate. Is it my dinosaur ways with technology, or have others the same experience?

(sneathbupp) #3

It is awkwardly difficult

(joe) #4

@rarebookdealer @sneathbupp

hi sorry to hear you guys are having difficulties. anything in particular?

the board was re-designed to look like a news feed from the popular social network sites. at the very top left there is a “Tab” called “Forum” when you click on it, it brings you to a view that sorts whatever the community is talking about. you can use the top bar to change “categories” such as if you just want to see conversations with “Technology” or you can hit one of the general buttons “latest” “Top” or “Categories” to change the way the new activity is displayed.

then all topics are in a list and you can browse down to read and participate,

hope you can provide some feedback if you care to.