Well i thought it was funny,,,

(since030993) #1

so i just changed my infustion set cuz my BG was super high and the site had a lil blood around it, and when i injected the needle i gasped and my boyfriend asked if i was alright and i said "no, i'm a diabetic"  i though it was funny...then again i'm high right now.   you be the judge

(kneazle_lady) #2

Okay...so since this is a current thread...I'm going to tell a story. I am currently on an insulin pump with tubing, and I was when this happened. So I was standing around with some good friends, and one of them walks by, her purse hooking to my pump line. I gasped loudly and made a sound like I was in severe and strange pain. She went chalk white. I told her I was just kidding...I thought she was going to murder me on the spot. But I wouldn't recommend doing that with anyone else but a very close, calm, sedate friend with a sense of humor. By the way, she thought it was funny as well.

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FYI, I thought both of your stories were funny. We all seem to get sick and twisted with our jokes at times.

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As it should be, Brian! Got to keep it "interesante," as I tell my Spanish instructor when she asks why we moved seats :)