What if I give up...?

(flebeccaann) #42

Hey man,
I know diabetes can be so exhausting and frustrating at times. I’ve been where you are before and I know how that might feel. Yes, diabetes sucks and at times it’s too much to cope with, but there is so much to learn from it too. I’m Christian too and I’ve spent a lot of time being angry at God and asking why me. I found that being able to relate to others with diabetes made things better. So, continue to stay plugged into this community and if you ever need to rant, you can email me ralynch16@gmail.com or contact me here. I’ve been T1D for 15 years and it feels like forever ago that I was first diagnosed. Also, here’s a cool link that I like to check out when I’ve had enough of diabetes: https://collegediabetesnetwork.org/mental-health

(Eric) #43

Afrezza is the first FDA-approved inhalable insulin which is very fast acting and has a much shorter action than injectables.

Many diabetics who have switched to Afrezza reported dramatically improving their A1C (some dropping as much as 2 whole points).

There’s even a youtube video with a diabetic doing a glycemic challenge where he drinks 100g of sugar after inhaling Afrezza and continuously monitors his glucose throughout where it never goes above 140.

If you are having trouble with injections, you may want to look into it.

(karenchq) #44

Just ready your post and the bit about the diabetic candy is hilarious. There are a few people that I would like to offer the same candies to :slight_smile: There is one jerk in particular that would benefit from some candies just before she is slated to give a group presentation.

(Janice) #45

Supersam, just ran into you post, I have been a type 1 for 64 years been where you are a time or two, before Pumps came out, I taught my husband how to give injection, he is good and I didn’t have to do it… I have been on an Omni Pod for about 6 years, my reasoning was that I ran out of places to stick a needle and I am so allergic to my insulin that injections don’t work half the time, I’d find myself taking another injection because there was no proof that the first on worked… With a pump you have freedom, if you want to eat anything you can take as little as 1/10 of a unit of insulin without another injection. One injection (of the cannula) in 3 days is wonderful. Before my pump I thought I could start a new business as a personal lawn sprinkler, insert a hose and turn me loose, I have enough holes in me I could water a golf course while playing a round. I would not want someone to go through this but it is so much easier now that when I was diagnosed, besides it could be worse. Sanity may be overrated. Not to preach or say “look at me” but I died in 2000 after ankle surgery took me a while to recover after I came back, gone for 12 minutes, but I figure if I survived that then everything else is a piece of cake, joke intended… I enjoy life to the fullest and I am past (most of the time) why me. Had a discussion with the father, funny thing I never thought to ask why me, I had more things like why don’t you fix this and that, really railed and after I Wound down he asked “Why don’t you” meaning instead of me complaining I needed to get more involved, He sent me back with a list of things to do, every time I take one thing off the list another shows up. Sorry for the essay, and sanity is questionable. Ps: don’t try to change people just bless them and send them on heir way, ignorance you can fix, you can’t fix stupid and some people wouldn’t get it any way. Try to enjoy life and have a great day. Let me know if I can help. Bye Jan

(Jennifer) #46

Hello! Please don’t!!
This disease is a jerk yes, but we can’t give in to it. My 2 yr old is a new type 1, and I have to do everything for him. He takes 2 insulin and I even inject him at night also. It’s been a rough road and sometimes I find myself screaming because I feel like I can’t handle it. It’s constant!! And it’s even harder because he’s so little. But I tell myself to just keep fighting and rejoice in the hard work that’s paying off! Seeing him happy and feeling great is such a reward! You can do it! You will feel better when you grab a hold and do it!! That will make everything better!! We are all supporters here!! Good luck and please keep fighting!!!

(joe) #47

@Jenkap123 hi Jennifer, I hope you have all the resources you need and are aware that the JDRF may have local chapters where you can find more local live support. Also please don’t forget to take care of yourself - diabetes care giving is exhausting.

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@Jenkap123 I’m sorry to hear about your son. However, he will grow up not knowing any better than how he’s always lived. Meanwhile I have school nights where I cannot go to sleep because my sugar is going up… Then decides to go down again. My past week I have had to work twice the hours of normal school. All the while I’ve gotten to sleep at 12 to wake up at 6. I’d give up this disease for a missing finger probably. I want my vision back. I want my nice meals back. I want my weight back. I want my damn forsaken sanity back after all the trash I’ve been through. Then people still have the nerve to be like “oh you’ve got diabetes that’s pretty sh*t but”.

Like no bruh it’s awesome I wish you could have it too then you can also see how awesome it is watching yourself fade away (and u don’t mean in weight). My psychological health is pretty much stuck in the squalid Street outside my window.

I ramble yes?

Anyway I’m sorry about your son. Just make sure you share my opinion. If they just stopped hoarding the profits from insulin pens… Maybe we could all go back to being normal.