What is your favorite no-carb/diet drink?

(mellannie) #1

i like diet dr. pepper and coffee

(Anonymous) #2

Diet Pepsi

(diabetes1998) #3

I like diet coke and coffee

(Sarah_0776) #4

Crystal Light and Sparkling Ice.

(Matt R.) #5

My favorite is Diet Peach Snapple.

its oh so delicious.


(Seb) #6

Diet mountain dew and diet pepsi are both pretty awesome.

(Anonymous) #7

mine used to be diet pepsi. but then i stopped drinking dark sodas.

now i sip on diet 7up every time i get a chance to. which is like never.

(LexiJ42) #8


(JFSalvatore) #9

Gonna have to say Diet Mountain Dew is the bomb dot com. I would swim in that stuff if possible. Also, Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper is pretty much Jesus in a can.


(figure skater girl) #10

raspberry ice flavoured crystal light and no sugar iced tea.

(Anonymous) #11

Diet Mountain Dew -- ZERO contest :P

(BrianPQuinn) #12

It seems like Diet Mountain Dew is taking the lead. My secondary fav is unsweetened Iced Tea.

(Anonymous) #13

I was thinking the same thing, Brian (Q). I didn't know it was so popular... or so good :P

A second for me is Ice, even though I've never found it since camp :( I've still got to raid Costco for that stuff :)

(system) #14

I like Hawaiian Punch Light, diet Mountain Dew 

(since030993) #15

diet dr. pepper

but nothing quenches my thirst (yay hyperglycemia) like water...good ol' H2O

(Doug D) #16

I'm a Powerade Zero fan - gives me a boost during work.

(Noon) #17

i love diet dr. pepper, and some diet orange soda (when i can find it).


also love water too (i drink like 8 bottles a day at work)

(Sarah_0776) #18

I don't like Mountain Dew, diet or regular. It tastes gross to me. Did you know that stuff has vegetable oil in it? Weird?

(davidsonc18) #19

my favorites are diet coke.  diet dr. pepper, powerade zero during workouts and crystal light energy cause it has a little caffenine in it!!

(Robbieduck) #20

Heh, I am so boring.  Water, sparkling if I can get it.  I stopped doing Aspartame over 2 years ago, because I drank a lotta Diet Coke/Pepsi etc, and I wondered what I liver might look like after a lifetime of that stuff.