What is your favorite no-carb/diet drink?

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hahahaah "jesus in a can."

i'm a big fan of the diet pepsi.

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hahahaah "jesus in a can."

i'm a big fan of the diet pepsi.


Because We're awesome :)


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indeed we are

(gill) #24

low carb fuse


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[quote user="gillian"]

low carb fuse




Love that stuff!! I like the regular kind, with the 30 carbs or whatever, for lows as well

(imax386) #26

Lipton's Diet Citrus Green Tea

Or the raspberry flavor.  Or anything made with black tea.  Love'em.

(Sarah_0776) #27

Fuse is great, too.

(KAbkemeier) #28

Diet Coke is my everything!

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[quote user="Melanie Marvin"]

i like diet dr. pepper and coffee


Same here.  Also, diet coke.

(GGBG55) #30

omg yeah!!!

diet citrus green tea is the BEST!!!!!  :D

(BrianPQuinn) #31

Fuse is really good. So many good drinks out there to drink though. I am a fan of Diet Dr. Pepper as well. I am not a coke fan and really not a Coke Zero fan. I have been experimenting with the various low sugar/carb energy drinks as of late out of curiosity.

Rockstar Sugar Free- Barely made it through the first sip.

Monster Low Carb (Blue) - Tastes like sweet tarts. Not bad, but weird.

Sugar Free Redbull - Same as monster. Monster is better though.

Amp Sugar Free - Is probably the best out there. It is more of a Diet Mountain Dew taste or flavor.

(kberke20) #32

A sugar free arnold palmer made using crystal light lemonade and unsweetened iced tea. Yum.

Tea (iced or hot)

Diet Snapple

Good ol' water

And, while I don't drink much soda, if I do I try to get coke zero (or some similar product)

Also diet sprite flavored with crystal light.

(ShaunaAnn92) #33

Cake Zero

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Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light

and Diet Mountain Dew :)

(JnTy) #36

sugerfree 7up, no added suger vimto and fanta zero :P

(juliejax) #37

Before I got myself off the fake stuff, It was Diet Rite because it uses Splenda and aspartame gave me migraines. If I need a little flavor once in awhile, I try to find (which is not an easy task) Crystal Lite with Splenda. It does exist, easiest to locate online. Several flavors. Unfortunately, research claims these drinks with these sweeteners make you more hungry, so I try to stick to filtered water, whenever possible.

(sneathbupp) #39

I won’t use any artificial sweeteners, so my favorites are black or green unsweetened tea.

(jeanniemol1) #40

I like the Bai waters, all the coconut flavors, especially Coconut Lime, as well as the Peach & Watermelon flavors.

(Kate) #41

Diet Dr. Pepper. It still tastes good even with less sugar.