What is your favorite no-carb/diet drink?

(Jeanne) #42

Diet A&W Cream Soda is the only soda that tastes like regular to me

(Isabella) #43

A & W diet root-beer is amazing!

(21 F Diagnosed Feb 2012 ) #44

I love low sodium La Croix sparkling waters they come in a ton of fruity flavors. No fake sweet stuff which I dislike ( except for stevia powder).

(Patti member with T1d) #45

No artificial sweeteners here either. La Croix carbonated waters, Perrier, S. pelligrino

(Becky) #46

My daughter loves Propel and Mio

(Carrie) #47

Hi there, my favorite is green tea.

(sneathbupp) #48

Green or black tea, occasionally I like Zevia ginger ale or cola. I get migraines from artificial sweeteners, so I avoid diet sodas.

(Abby) #49

I love all flavors of Crystal Light. When I was younger my brother and I had a lemonade stand in our yard every summer to raise money for JDRF, and we used Crystal Light lemonade so “you can drink it without doing a shot!” :smile:

(Roseann) #50

Water with limons an limes , or limes and oranges… Yumm

(Sydney) #51

same for me especially cause its only 1 carb ill drink anywhere from 2-4 a day but I have to stop before 4 pm other wise I can’t sleep.

(Jennifer) #52

I like to take diet coke and also diet dr.pepper

(Rebecca) #53

Diet Coke and Diet Ginger Ale

(Sloane) #54

I am a HUGE fan of crystal light, especially the lemonade kind. if you mix it with sparkling water you have a no-carb sparkling lemonade!

(Heidi) #55

Water! Coffee first thing in the morning. And my day is not complete without a Guayaki Unsweetened Yerba Mate’.