What tools (apps or other software) are missing?

(vmccord) #1

I’ve spent my adult life building software for other people. Now that my child is T1D I have a cause that I want to build for. As I look for tools to help me and my child I have formed ideas about what is missing. I would very much like to hear about what other people think is missing.

(khurt) #2

An app that works with every CGMS and every glucose meter and every pump on the market and can import data from those devices and scan food labels into a digital log book. The app will analyze the patient’s record book, dosing regimen, CGMS data, and food info, then makes predictions on if/when hypo/hyperglycemia is likely to occur and make recommended dosing changes, etc. The app will also allow the patient to print out reports to take to the next physician appointment.