What yours favorite candy?

(sammi) #1

 i have alot of favorite candy heres a list of some i love :

                    1. laffy taffy

                    2. chocolate

                    3. nerds rope

                    4. york patty

                    5. m&m's 

              but i love almost anthing with chocolate in it 


(ShortCake) #2


(Andi) #3

my favorite candy would have to be a cookies and chocolate or milk HERSHEYS candy bar. YUM! lol

(kphm23) #4

I love hard candies like runts and gobstoppers and I love chewy candies like gummy bears and peach rings and the like!

(whatruhere4) #5


gummy sour worms




(Danielle89) #6

sugar free reeses, jolly ranchers, and life savers. 

-- Any of the sugar free candy is actually pretty good.

(kurlykc) #7

sugar free candy is NOT my fave. but my very fave is either grape or sherry jolly rancer lollipops. totally love!

(EvilMonkey_123) #8

Im like you sammi lol. I like anything chocolatey hehe