When can i stop checking my kid overnight, we all need sleep

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I guess I am just reacting to an endo with the “dead in bed” speech…not cool. sure puts a good scare on you as a parent, right? … In my opinion, based on several years experience, some combo of tech, careful observations of activity, and observations of trends are all part of this - with really no completely “right” answer.

Please please please don’t take this the wrong way. you know what’s best for your child and, as a Dad myself, I know in my heart what you’d be willing to do to protect your kid.

When I was diagnosed, we didn’t have CGM. We didn’t have home blood glucose meters. we had a test tube you peed in, and used a chemical reaction to tell you if your blood sugar was unknown, high or crazy high 2 hours ago. @Dennis used to get his blood sugar checked, at the doctor’s office, every 6 months.

During these dark ages and renaissance of diabetes care, we ate peanut butter and crackers at night - the reason? the fat allowed the carbs to slowly absorb for practically the whole night. It’s a poor man’s “glucerna”, many years before it existed.

Most of us have a hypoglycemic awareness, that is, when my blood sugar gets low, my body releases adrenaline and I wake up. Yes, I would in fact be dead today if that were not true. This is practically the same as when you sleep on your arm funny, and you wake up with a numb arm, the body protects itself, in this case, when blood flow is interrupted, to wake you up. I am not saying you should fly by the seat of your pants the way I did 40 years ago, by all means you have got to be comfortable with whatever you are doing. I am just saying that it is possible to sleep, and also when you are less dependent on tech, you develop a awareness and your own set of senses. I am also an engineer and a controls expert… I can say with great confidence that all tech have failure points, so complete dependence, and in some cases overconfidence in a CGM saying “yer all good!” may also be a mistake.

I still think it was the endo thing that made me react. sorry for the ramble.