When were you diagnosed?

(Gina) #1

I was diagnosed with type 1, November 25, 2000 age 25

(yossarian) #2

August 13, '08 age 20 while I was on vacation. It was an awesome vacation (dripping with sarcasm).

(A-D) #3

I was dianosed with type 1 April (something) of 1983 at the age of 12.



Gina - thank you so much for all that you are doing - on this board and elsewhere (I keep looking for excuses to give you public kudos and congrats, you desperately deserve them!)


(Gina) #4

no need for kudos. I enjoy it.


I cant take full credit here.... there is a whole team of awesome developers behind the scenes making this happen!

(puns_and_roses) #5

March 10, 2003- one month before my 13th birthday. How many other people have been diagnose either a month before or after their birthday? Seems like almost everyone I've talked to has been diagnosed then. I'm just curious about this trend.

(Tillykid1080) #6

I have been diabetic since i was 3 years old i dont realy know what its like not to have it

(ruthyhill) #7

March 1990.  I was 3 years old...

(Jody C) #8

November 26, 1980, my brother's birthday.....does that count? I was 5 (one month shy of 6 years old).

(Charlie Kimball) #9

I was diagnosed October 16, 2007 while I was living in England.  Kinda scary to start with- but when my glucose came down from in the 500's I felt better almost instantly. Anyone else have the issues with their eyesight when they started on insulin? Apparently it is from changing glucose levels more rapidly than they climbed....

(type1at18) #10

May 13, 2008 at 18 years old

(2sweet) #11

I was diagnosed December 18th, 2008 (exactly a week before christmas) at the age of 22 years old. I now realize that every gathering revolves around eating- especially Holidays!

(Bonaluvr) #12

Setember of 1997

(Bonaluvr) #13

i was 18 months

(katie.clark) #14

I was diagnosed in January of 1977 at age 2.  My parents don't have the exact "date",  they had a lot going on at that time (both of my grandmothers were dying).


Ellie was diagnosed August 31, 2004 (my 30th birthday - I'm guessing my 40th will be MUCH better.  Looking forward to it, even.).

(Julie) #15

I was  pulled out of my 2nd grade class, in the middle of a spelling test on the word fire truck :) January 6th,  1998, when I was 7 years old...i;m 18 now, so almost 11 years. 

(puns_and_roses) #16

I have horrible vision (legally blind w/o glasses) and I had perfect vision for a week after i was diagnosed.

(Shivvalanblue) #17

July 4th 2006, on my brother's birthday a week after I turned 17, during a vacation to disney world. I spent 4 days in a hospital an hour outside of orlando due to DKA :/

(Layne) #18

I was diagnosed with Type 1 on July 2, 1991.  I was 9 years old. 

My father was a type 1 diabetic and my grandfather had type 2 so everyone in my family was educated about what symptoms to look out for in me.  My mom, aunt, cousin and I went to the beach over the summer on vacation and my aunt noticed that I had lost a lot of weight and was constantly drinking and peeing.  My mom took me to my primary care doctor and that was the first time I ever remember getting my blood drawn.  I was terrified.  He then referred me to a pediatric endo who confirmed the diagnosis.  I was in the hospital over 4th of July but I remember we could see the fireworks really well from my room.  :-)

(beccareb) #19

I was dianosed with Type 1 on December 27th, 1994.  I was six.

(heidib1415) #20

January 3rd 2008, i was in ketoacidosis with a glucose of 670 and 3 days in the ICU

what a great way to start off the year...