Where are we?

(ihave3angelz) #181

Schaumburg, Il

...we're neighbors Carol :)

(DiabeticDancer) #182

I'm from St. Louis, Missouri!! Anybody from the St. Louis area????

(MarkR) #183

I use to live in Clinton, CT now in Londonderry, NH!

(Rufusthebearwithdiabetes) #184

Hi Julie,

We are neighbors and now friends! I'm a bit new to Juvenation. I think it's a great resource. How long have you been a member?

Carol - creator of Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes

(orange_mms) #185

I'm from South Western Pennsylvania

(Racers22) #186

This is my best shot so far...

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(amyl1027) #187

     I'm in Langhorne, PA....Southeastern PA.  Is anyone in my area?

(Rory) #188

I live in Fife, WA. A little south of Seattle.

(system) #189

South East Australia!

(Woo Its Pat) #190

Baltimore, MD :o)

(cheergirlsmom) #191

Erin, TN - a very rural and beautiful area but lucky enough to only be about 80 miles west of Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and University - that's where my DD's endo is and they have a wonderful and caring staff and diabetes program. Doea anyone else go there?

(MsMercury) #192

I actually have a good friend that lives in Erin so I know where you're at. =) 

(msmagacz) #193

Downtown Chicago, but I dream of getting out of the city and moving back to the Southeast. 

(msmagacz) #194

Shelby, I spent almost 6 years in Saint Louis both working and when I attended Washington University down there. Love that town!

(Jewels Doskicz) #195

Flagstaff, Arizona!

(StaycT) #196

Philadelphia, PA  :)

(2Sweet4U) #197

Ellicott City, MD! Just outside Baltimore, in Howard Co.

(Daniels Mom) #198

Silverton, Oregon.  Google maps says you are a mere 2,987 miles away.  Don't you feel closer?

(cdavid1) #199

[quote user="Amanda"]

Ellicott City, MD! Just outside Baltimore, in Howard Co.


That makes three of us from Maryland!

(devynsmom) #200

Prattville Al- but soon to be Grand Forks North dakota!   8 more weeks!