Where are we?

(Cella) #201

Richlands Va. home of the Blue Tornados

(rmeadowsaprn) #202

Funny. Military? My husband was stationed at Maxwell and we lived in Prattville for 7 years. In fact, I have a house down there that we can't sell. LOL Renting. Hate it! Good luck on your move!

(pkekich) #203

Hi Stacy i am in NJ but moving to Bucks County in the fall so i am in your area....where is your endo?  I am part of Penn Tower Diabetes center at UPenn and i love it. 

(ShannonSamples) #204


I just read this thread. We live in Elizabethton,TN. My son Christopher was dx last June 30. I teach in Carter County.



(megg) #205

 i live in cypress TX right outside houston NW to be exact its still considered houston though

(Marie) #206

Lethbridge, Alberta. Nice and wiiiiindy! and dry. also the seasons are quite muttled and can't deside which one it wants to be.

(Sarah) #207

Kelowna, British Columbia Canada!

(joey189) #208

I live near Williamsport,PA

(lindagayle) #209

Me too... Cypress, California (Southern California)

(lindagayle) #210

Cypress, CA

I was wondering when some California's were going to pop up :)

(Emmaluv70) #211

Long Beach, CA :)

(system) #212

Hi all,

 I am in So. Cal. Sun City(Lake Elsinore). Went to high school in Huntington Beach.

(golfpapabravo06) #213

Libertyville, IL or Milwaukee, Wi

take your pick :)

(Nicki23) #214

I'm from just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

(ThePancreanator) #215

Charlotte, North Carolina

(jeremysmom) #216

Cincinnati, OH

(jeremysmom) #217

Cincinnati, OH

(paulacd8) #218

Philadelphia, PA....City of Brotherly Love!!

(SoCalChad) #219

Los Angeles here

(allyriker) #220

Im in Michigan.. kindof far HEEH HEEH !!

-ally <3