Where are we?

(becridge) #221

I'm from Melbourne, Australia

are there any other Aussies around?



(rmeadowsaprn) #222

No but would like to be! LOL!!! How's healthcare there?

(rmeadowsaprn) #223

Wow! somebody actually close to Delaware, finally! LOL

(erin98) #224

Wow, so I haven't looked through all 223 posts to see where everyone is from but I did notice there are quite a few other Long Islanders out there. I'm from Babylon if anyone has a clue where that is & hello to everyone else wherever your from! :)

(KC_Casey) #225

columbiana, ohio

(Anonymous) #226

in the rain...

(Brittany) #227

I'm out in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina!

(A-D) #228


If you and your family are doing the JDRF Cleveland Walk at the zoo (I know - it' s like an hour and a half away from ya'll) I'll see ya' there...



(El Monito) #229

Wow alot of people are from central or east US where are the people from the West but yea im Riverside,CA

(joshscot) #230

Brenham, TX (halfway between Houston and Austin) - home of Blue Bell Ice Cream

(Doug D) #231

I hear ya Isaac - not too many people on here yet from So Cal.  I'm on the west side near Venice and have only had contact with one person from Santa Monica.  There are a few from the OC too.  We're just all spread out.  I'm getting my doc to get the word out about the site - maybe we can get more people on here and possibly find some T1 friends to lean on.

(taybuggie13) #232

I'm in Searcy, Arkansas......anyone else here around me?? ...if so, add me as a friend!  :)

(Dillripple) #233

Springfield, PA (delaware county) outside suburbs of Philadelphia

(Illison) #234

Hey I live in Anton texas about 10 mins from lubbock

(Monique H) #235

Lawrenceville, GA (Greater Atlanta)

(ReneeC) #236

Sharpsville, PA; just north (1 hour) of Pittsburgh

(ajax) #237

Boston, anyone?

(Abby19833) #238

Cape Cod, MA!  Anyone near me?

(Kateski) #239

I am originally from the Sarasota area in FL.  My parents still live there and are very active in their JDRF chapters.  I lived in Orlando, FL for about 5 years while I was in college and then for a little while after.  I lived in San Antonio, TX when I first started water skiing at Sea World there.  Now I live in Austin, TX.  I will have lived here for 5 years in September 2009.  I love it but my husband and I like to move around and see new places.  Where should we go next???

(Gina) #240

connecticut, ffld county