Where are we?

(Sarah_0776) #241

I see only three fellow Oregonians, including Brenna, whom I know from camp. (=

I'm from Albany, Oregon.



(msf02) #242

The Canadians may disagree wiTH you:)

(msf02) #243


We sTill THink of ourselVes as Oregonians. LiVed in Eugene, all my life. My family moVed To JaCksonille, Florida in 1997.  Sorry abouT THe CapiTalizaion.  SomeTHing is weird wiTH my keyboard.

(Kristi1967) #244

I would be one of those Southern Belles...

Chattanooga, TN here (yes, I live near the Chattanooga Choo Choo)


(melbaugher) #245

Berrien County, Michigan, extreme southwest lower Michigan

(Maarten van de Steeg) #246

im from Apeldoorn, the netherlands

(mellannie) #247

im from southern iowa.20 miles north of missouri

(system) #248

Pompton Plains, Morris County, NJ

(system) #249

i'm from iowa. nowhere near connecticut. i looked at an internship there, though. the cost of living was more than i could handle. i'd love to visit sometime though. actually, i'd like to visit all the states. i'm doing miserabley so far. :op

(Anonymous) #250

I am originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area. I currently live in Modesto California.

(Christelle) #251

Bonjour, mon fils à 18 ans ,Tanner parle le français, il est diabétique type 1. Peut être que vous pourrez communiqué ensemble… quel âge as tu?

(Chloe) #252

I’m from South Australia!