Where are we?

(kphm23) #41

That's right Crochet Nut...go Steelers! They did awesome Thursday night!!!

(kneazle_lady) #42

Who knows what this was originally, and I can't delete it. Heavy sigh that there are no other SC people on this...yet...but then again, one ought to be careful

what one wishes for...they might be Titans fans...{shuddering}...   ; )

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(Jody C) #44

Manuela: My husband is from the LA area (Culver City).  Where abouts are you in LA?

(Jody C) #45

Monica: Bradenton is a nice area I hear.  A friend of mine has/had (unsure if he is still there) a GP practice in that area.

(Jody C) #46

SO, on a related topic.....Are there any other T1 "young adults" in the South Florida area out there????

(xoxobl0ndie325) #47

I said :( to Toledo, Ohio because I hate it here pretty much

(allygatorr) #48

I'm from Long island, New York ;)

(allygatorr) #49

I'm from Long island, New York ;)

(Gina) #50

ally, me too!

(allygatorr) #51

Where on the island? I'm from Ronkonkoma

(Gina) #52

Valley stream. My husbands family lives out by you though...

(system) #53

i'm in Tampa at the moment.....may come down to miami for a visit coming up too! 

(Jody C) #54

Andy: I have a few friends in Tampa (one whose son is turning 1 the day after Christmas).  My husband's job is based out of Stetson Law School in St. Pete. We get up there from time to time (Him more than me). :o)

(Laura Kennedy) #55

jersey shore baby!

literally. i live 30 seconds from the beach(:

(allygatorr) #56

Cool! :]

(kneazle_lady) #57

The Steelers are ruling the world at this particular moment, in my humble opinion.

(Danielle89) #58

I'm from Michigan.  Anyone else form here?

(Emmalou8) #59

Shreveport, LA (Northwest corner of the state).  I've made peace with the fact that I will never leave, and I'm okay with it.  :)

(dannysm213) #60

Clinton, Connecticut - not too far from all of you Fairfield and Tolland County guys.