Where are we?

(drons1219) #61

I am in miami, fl :) 

(Lindsey) #62

I'm from the Houston, TX area, but go to school in central Texas. Anyone from around there?

(kylesmom) #63


(mccuz) #64

Rachel, we're not too far away, we live in Massachusets - the METROWEST area.  Kathy

(joes_girl1231) #65

wow i feel really far away from everyone!! im in Sac, CA!!

(BrianPQuinn) #66

I am from Hamburg, NJ. Currently living in South Orange, NJ at Seton Hall University.

(yossarian) #67

I'm from the Raleigh, NC area

(kate) #68

im from northeast ohio as well

(DocHam) #69

Seattle, WA. Would be a tough commute.

(catlover13996) #70

Goshen IN baby!!! it's up by elkhart, southbendish!!!

btw, there is more than corn in Indiana!!!!!! :D

(Melissa) #71

long island ; new york :]

(Dave) #72

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 

(allygatorr) #73

Where on the Island, Melissa?


I'm from Ronkonkoma!

(Melissa) #74



(allygatorr) #75

awesome! we're really close!


I'm in Ronkonkoma! By Sachem North High School.

(christine04) #76

I live in South Carolina!

(christine04) #77

Hi Lizz,

I am from Avalon/Cape May!  (I now live in South Carolina) My friends from home always head up your way, to LBI, to surf!  :)

(Carolyn) #78

Baton Rouge, LA

(Shivvalanblue) #79

I'm Baton Rouge too! Geaux LSU!

(Carolyn) #80

Geaux Tigers! There's always next year!!