Where are we?

(smartysb1) #81

I currently live in Macon, GA, but am so excited to be moving to Baton Rouge, LA!

(Melissa) #82

do you go to sachem north, i know a couple people who go there..

(garcia26) #83

I'm in GATOR NATION aka Gainesville, Fla. for the next few months finishing up my degree. GO GATORS! :)

(allygatorr) #84

[quote user="Melissa Weber"]

do you go to sachem north, i know a couple people who go there..





yes I do! who do you know?

(Melissa) #85

are you a senior, i only know seniors..

(Tom) #86

Long Island, New York

(prettyinpurple) #87

I'm in Las Vegas now, but I used to live in Mt. Sinai and I know people from Ronkonkoma! (I used to take the train there to the city too. hehe)

(jdeaver) #88

Texas here, close to Denton and Dallas.  Haven't seen too many Texas folks on here yet.

(jenniferpritchard) #89

I'm from Indiana too!  I live in indy though.  Pretty far away.  My dad lived in Elkhart as a kid so I know where it is!!

I'm not sure I know where Goshen is, and I've lived here for almost my whole life!

Nice to see someone else from IN!

(Melissa) #90

thats sick, aah small world.

how is las vegan?! i wanna go there!

lol we havent had much snow yet, only once, i neeeed snow on christmas ahahah

(buggie125) #91

RURAL New Mexico!

(beccareb) #92

I live in Denton, TX!

(prettyinpurple) #93

i can't believe it's only snowed once there... global warming maybe

usually i would say vegas is hot, but it's actually starting to get cold. haha

it's been in the 50's/low 60's lately.

only snows like, once a year (but it doesn't even stick!) and only for like, a few hours. though 2 years ago it snowed like.. 3 inches and i was the only one in my neighborhood who knew how to make a snowman... how sad, right?


(misstifyde) #94

Beautiful Montana Big Sky Country here.....

(halfshadow) #95

Seattle, WA but m heart is still in Toronto, ON

(allygatorr) #96

[quote user="Melissa Weber"]

are you a senior, i only know seniors..




I'm not a senior, but I'm good friends with a lot of them!


Who do you know?

(Mom2Kathy) #97

Las Vegas, Nevada!

(jlopshire) #98

haha i live in indianapolis and was born in ft wayne

(Jody C) #99

Garcia26: GO GATORS!!! Awesome school....Did you see that SEC game last weekend???? Best 4 years in school (and then I went to Santa Fe), just didn't want to go home too soon! :o)  Living in S. Fla. now.

(Melissa) #100

alex stroh

sal molino

katie rafferty

sachem north right?

matt boyd

ugh.. idk