Where are we?

(MaDEvans) #101

Sunny Phoenix, AZ!

I assume that most of us are in the northern states though.  Have you guys heard of the vitamin D phenomenon?  More people in colder and lower UV light states have higher incidences of type 1 diabetes than the more southern and sunny states?

(garcia26) #102

Jody C: Yay! Happy another Gator fan is on here! :) I did watch the SEC game (of course)! Me and some friends went down to the Ale House on Archer along w/ what seemed to be 400 fans. At least you're still in Fla, right? haha Are you going to try to get tickets for the BCS Nat'l Championship?

(annalia) #103

I live in Brooklyn, NY.  My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed a year ago. 

(allygatorr) #104

[quote user="Melissa Weber"]

alex stroh

sal molino

katie rafferty

sachem north right?

matt boyd

ugh.. idk





I know Katie and Matt! Not directly, but I do know them.


yes, Sachem North haha.



What a small, small world we live in, huh?

(diabeticangel) #105

I'm from the Houston area in Texas...and for you LSU fans-purple is my fave color, but I like the Aggies better :D. I have a lot of friends in LA...in Pitkin and Moss Bluff.

(Lindsey) #106

I go to A&M, but I'm originally from Houston. Very cool!

(horsegirl505) #107

New mexico. Born and raised on horses.

(Melissa) #108

ahaha yeahh, thats mad strangeee.

(Brenna4) #109

Las Vegas, Nevada ;)

(stephsalem) #110

I am in good ole' Winston Salem, NC  (actually from East Bend, but no one ever knows where that is) :-)

(Jody C) #111

Garcia26:  Still in FL and I'll have the BEST seats in the house (MY HOUSE).....Wish I could afford tickets (they are probably sold out by now!) :o)


The Ale House must have been a MADHOUSE for the SEC....it is on any given night anyway. I miss that place BUT there is one not too far from me in Coral Springs so I deal. (Watched the SEC at home too!) :o)

(Brande) #112

I'm in Johnston, Rhode Island 

(garcia26) #113

Jody C: I've been trying to add a comment to your page, but it never comes up. Ugh.

The Ale House was insanely packed, but like you said, it always kinda is. Glad you got to watch the game from the comfort of your  home! :) Me and a bunch of my friends are planning on heading down to Miami even though we all don't have tickets. (We entered the student lottery for tickets, but we highly doubt any of use will actually win) Did you see the Heisman Presentation last night? We were jipped. Oh well, Bradford will be on his Heisman High and lose the BCS. Yay for us! Go Gators!

(Julia1982) #114

i'm from Culpeper, va.

(BeckyBee) #115

I'm in Minnesota - twin cities area :)

(Kay) #116

I'm from good ol' Nebraska!  I grew up in York but now go to school in Omaha.

(cmoffitt82) #117

Hey, I live in Dallas!

(SDiChiara) #118

hey gina,


where abouts in NY are you?

i'm on Long Island.

(JamesChambers) #119

Middluvnowhere, Manitoba (Canada).


(Perk) #120

British Columbia Canada :D