Where are we?

(BeckyBee) #121

Cool, Perk :)  I'm originally from Ontario.  Hooray Canada ;)

(Winicki Family) #122

the winicki family is in portland oregon

(A-D) #123


Excellent! - I spent most of my first six years and some summers thereafter in Richmond Hill... :)



(Bindi) #124

Where's all the aussies?!?!

Im from Perth, Australia

(kneazle_lady) #125

You wouldn't happen to be familiar with the Upstate? As in, Greenville, South Carolina? This is currently where I live. How wild. I know of a few type 1's here in this town...one really wild type 1...I'm an irritable, old type 1 (32 years old + a bad attitude which reaches each of the nine diagnostic criteria for being called so...if there was a diagnosis to be made from that...thank goodness it's only self diagnosed...jk).

Greenville's turned into a nice town with things to do and places to be and lots of sugar free candy to boot (just kidding).

Australia sounds like fun, but that's probably just sheer ignorance on my part...I like what I've seen of Australia (limited to media and books)...eh, except for Funnel Web spiders. Not too fond of funnel web spiders...although as I understand it, Funnel Web spiders aren't all over Australia...but still...they frighten me terribly. Then again, South Carolina has Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders, and those are also very disturbing creatures.

(Bindi) #126

Australia is a beautiful place to live!! Dont get too many funnel webs where I am but we do get some pretty big black hairy spiders EEK! Highly recommend australia for holidays too :)

(Racers22) #127

West Lafayette, IN during the school year, Indianapolis otherwise

(robbslilangel) #128

i am in south florida...same as jody c. in fact i am just north of her on the treasure coast

(whatruhere4) #129

im from Utah close to salt lake not to far from last years idol runner up is from.

(mah62091) #130

emily: i used to live in katy, right outside of houston..

(figure skater girl) #131

[quote user="Ivan"]

I'm from Paris, France.

A-ha! I'm the only one who doesn't live in the US, woo-hoo!! :)


Do you speak french? I can. Your not the only one who doesnt live in the us, I live in canada.

(Dahlie.) #132

Portland, OR.


(AnnaB) #133

I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada

(rmeadowsaprn) #134

Ocean View, Delaware.

(Doesburg) #135

Grew up in Allentown, now I'm in Harrisburg PA!

(mismidge) #136

we are from Michigan, too!!! I was wondering the same thing! We live near Cadillac. :)

(system) #137

Johnson City TN

(Racers22) #138

I lived in Harrisburg for 8 months on a temporary work assignment.  Had an apartment downtown on Front Street.  It was a nice city.  Used to walk down to see baseball games on the island.

(delta40) #139

Tipp City Ohio here.

(mamacolby) #140

Ramona, California (close to San Diego)