Where are we?

(denisem5823) #141

Randolph, New jersey

(megob821) #142

Jersey Shore - Monmouth County NJ

(kmorrice) #143

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

(pkekich) #144

Hi everyone!  I don't know any diabetics so it is nice to see people on here! I have been a T1 for almost 20 yrs and i Live in NJ  the Jersey Shore to be exact!

(cdavid1) #145

I guess I'll be the only one representing Baltimore, Maryland!!! "The Greatest City in America!!"

(Joseph) #146

Right now - Minneapolis, Minnesota.

(brian9549) #147

Valencia, CA

(thecosas) #148

San Diego, CA.  Go Chargers!

(clh983) #149

I live in central Virginia, but I was born and raised in Michigan!

(system) #150

I'm from Victoria, British Columbia :)

(hcole) #151

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

(cheergirl) #152

Middle Tennessee

(Joanie) #153

Los Altos, CA.  (Basically San Jose)

(adammclaughlin85) #154


Long Island, NY



(allygatorr) #155

Me too! where on the Island?

I'm from Ronkonkoma!

(Mavsfanatic1) #156

Lubbock Texas for me :)

(Dylan404) #157

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

(Josie) #158

I'm in Vancouver, Canada!

(Rich De Vries) #159

I'm in Kirkland, WA.  Go Huskies!!

(PhillK) #160

Wow,  it looks like only a couple of us from California.  Anaheim/Huntington Beach area myself.  It is nice to see how global this site is becoming.  Right on!