Why is this happening? What can I do? :(

(Amanda ) #1

For some reason now I don’t want to do anything to help my diabetes. I don’t want to check my bloodsugar, I don’t want to take my insulin, I just want it all to end. I still so what I need to, but only because I know I have to. What do I do??? Why is this happening???

Oh, I’ve been diabetic for 7 years.

(joe) #2

@AAT1D. You’re depressed Amanda. It could be a case of bad burnout or clinical depression. You need help like a supportive family and you may benefit from a therapist. You have to keep talking about it.

(Spring) #3

Hi Amanda, I have been receiving therapy for clinical depression for 2 1/2 years and slowly getting out of diabetes burnout. What helped me was admitting to myself I was depressed/needed help, since I have learned how care for my depression which is helping me with my diabetes burnout. Many of us living with diabetes have experienced similar situations. Seeing your doctor and sharing what you are feeling is a good start, then ask for support from those who will help you. I wish the best for you.:heartbeat:

(Lauren) #4

I know how you feel. I was diagnosed eight years ago. You would think that caring for your diabetes would get easier as time goes on, but sometimes it doesn’t. I feel like I was almost more responsible with testing my blood sugar and giving myself insulin when I was younger. Some times I feel like I am alone. But trust me, no-one is alone. Start by getting support and talking to your friends and family.

(Jeremiah) #5

The lows and highs have significant affect and effect on out brains over the years. Researching that really helped me understand what I was dealing with and what I had to do to get help. I have to remind myself that “feelings aren’t always facts” It’s perfectly ok for you to feel what you feel, never allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Doing the right thing at the right time in the right place is all anyone is responsible for, diabetic or not. I empathize deeply with the resentment over continuously manage diabetes and all that comes with it.
There is a voice of your diabetes that wants to bring you down and there is your genuine self that has a voice of love and compassion for yourself and everyone else. Please fine let the diabetes win.

(Chrismery) #6

I want to say that I completely understand how you feel. I have been a diabetic for 16 years and this is something that I consistently struggle with. I do agree that it can be linked to depression because I have also been diagnosed with it. When I do better its because I have a support system of others with T1D that help me feel normal and keep me accountable. For me it is hard because I don’t know many others personally with T1D, when I’m around my friends and family they don’t have it so it is easy for me to “forget” to do what I need to do. I spent so much trying to be “normal” and “like everyone else” that while diabetes is not something I can forget about, it has become a natural thing to ignore. I am in tears as I am writing this because I know exactly how you feel…I just found out about this forum and this is something that I realize I needed. I feel motivated now to find a “diabetic buddy” to talk to and text daily just to check in…thank you for making me realize I am not alone. Neither are you.

(Jenniffer) #7

Please, PLEASE seek help for your depression. Doctor’s warned me that depression occurs at higher rates for those diagnosed with a chronic illness. Medical professionals will be able to assist you. You do not have to suffer. Thank you for reaching out to the community. You are deserving of happiness. Please contact your doctor immediately for care. Take care of yourself and remember, you are loved!

(Steven) #8

I have suffered from many looooong episodes of depression. Even well before my diagnosis of T1. First, a good therapist can help, even though unless they are T1 they will NEVER truly understand. Second, there are new treatments for depression. I used Ketamine infusion for the worst of it (it can help you in your ability to get out, take care of yourself and FUNCTION). Third, my CGM has allowed me to see where I am at all times (few sneaky lows, understanding the crappy feeling of highs and whether I want to correct).
In short, you can handle it. Just do your research. I’d be happy to talk about Ketamine. It got me through a really rough year.

(Spring) #9

Hi Amanda, It is great to see all the help everyone is giving you. I forgot to mention in my previous reply, when you look for help with your depression, keep looking for a counselor/psychiatrist that you feel comfortable with. Working with the counselor/psychiatrist will help a lot more than working with someone you are uncomfortable with. In CA, most counselor do not prescribe medications and the psychiatrist s do. I have both and attend weekly group meetings. All have helped me a lot and I manage much better now. Good luck.:blush:

(Amanda ) #10

Thank you all for the suport! I’m going to reach out to my friends and family and I know I’m not alone because of all of you. Thank you. :grinning:

(Michael) #11

Hi Amanda I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 11 in 1976. (Yes 42 years) I can’t lie to you it doesn’t get much easier. Over the years I’ve felt much like you describe more than once. I’ve found that being with friends and family even though they often can’t understand a lot of the issues helps. Even getting really involved with hobbies or other groups helps. I’ve also found that mentally turning the things we have do into a routine helps. Much like you don’t dwell on taking a shower every day, don’t dwell on the mechanics you test your sugar you adjust your medication you eat. develop it into habit… good luck

(Tekoa) #12

Dear Amanda,
It’s ok to feel this way,as was previously mentioned. I myself have been experiencing this,and I’ve been type 1 for 20 years. It gets a little easier to manage once you have a consistant routine and schedule. This is a process that cant be rushed or ignored,therapy is excellent for this! Your not alone!!

(Jose Antonio Lugo (Tony)) #13

Dear Amanda:
I have felt the same as you feel. I’m a Diabetic Type 1 since the age of 23. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps a year after my discharge I came down with Diabetes Type 1. I’m the of 5 children my parents gave birth to this world. My other brothers and sisters do not have Diabetes or did my parents have Diabetes. Wow so lucky me ! Huh? As you know it is not a transferable disease. I stop taking insulin for 5 months talk about loosing weight like crazy and frequent urination, blurred vision weak etc… I ended in a coma for a week. Luckily I did not damage my kidneys but I did suffer along time from diabetic neuropathy damage to nerves in leg and feet. So now when I suffer from low sugar episodes I’m not aware. Have you seen someone in Dialysis? Blind from Diabetes? It is not about dying we all will die but how much do we want to suffer and make the people around us suffer. Yes I’d not easy and not fair but we can only go from day to day and hope for a miracle but there is no other thing to do but go from day to day and try to smile so the people who you love and love you smile too.

(Aireana) #14

dear Amanda, i don’t know how old you are or your story but i can tell you i have felt the exact same way. I’ve only been diagnosed for 3 to 4 years now but there are sometimes days or even weeks that i just don’t want to do any of it sometimes i just want to stop doing it all and i think what pushes me to do it is because i also know i need to but i also don’t want to feel like crap. sometimes i think the reason i don’t want to is somewhat of depression but also because i don’t really know anyone with T1 diabetes and i’m also still young. but we can chat anytime