You only have until sunday! a chance to let others know about diabetes!

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for school, i have to do a powerpoint presentation. i chose to do it on diabetes to tell people its a serios disease. i would like some help with a few things. heres what i need:

PICTURES! some specific ones if you can, otherwise just any diabetes type picture. some of the specific ones are: an up-close of an infusion set right before inserting it, with the needle showing, or a cgm sensor following the same criteria. anything to do with the daily life with diabetes. if you feel sick because of it, take a picture.

other pictures about diabetes are welcome, i will need more than just the above. a picture of a little kid having something done would be great.

any other help, ideas... would be a big help. i need this stuff at the latest on sunday. thanks!

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Hope this helps!


Minimed pump and CGM

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Minimed CGM trouble

Blood under the CGM and bruising from old sites on my stomach

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I took this for a photo class a couple years ago. Minimed pump, Sure-T infusion set, med tag, Novolog, and the books I was reading at the time.