Zynquista gets FDA denial

(Susie) #1

Hello. I’ve been following this new option for T1D for months. This drug has many benefits and one stated by patients in the trials was a better quality of life as THEY FELT BETTER as the drug levels out the highs and lows. There’s 1 reason they voted it down - a risk of DKA. However that can be mitigated with ketone monitoring. Check out lexicon pharmaceuticals site to read more. I’ve contacted the FDA to expresss my support for this drug and attached a screen shot of my cgm showing the ups and downs that are part of a non-diabetic A1C. If anyone else would like to contact them after reading, let me know. Pros: levels out sugars, weight loss, reduces hypertension, cardio benefits, FEEL better.
Cons: slight increase in DKA cases

I don’t work for them- no affiliation. I just think we should be allowed to decide based on risk/reward and then act accordingly.



(BeccaGae) #2

Why would I want a medication that causes DKA? That is a serious complication of diabetes!!! DKA KILLS PEOPLE.
I do not blame the FDA for killing it off. It should not be on the market if it causes DKA.
As for sugars: my sugars are flat thank you very much…
My HbA1c was 5.4
My glucoslated Albumin was 6.1
For Hypertension: if I was put on a medication to LOWER my BP it would KILL ME! I am on 2 meds JUST FOR THEIR SIDE EFFECTS which is HYPERTENSION… and I am still fighting HYPOtension (my average BP is 90/46)
Weight: well, hum… I wear a size 2-4 depending on who makes it. I don’t have weight to lose (are you saying t1d’s are fat by mentioning this?)
And feeling good: well I feel good. It is called ENDORPHINS. It is called getting out and enjoying life, having fun, going to the gym and getting a couple hour HARD workout, go wake boarding, go skiing… do something… just get off the tuckus and do something.


(Susie) #3

Thanks. As you assumed quite a few things u will correct your errors.
I wear a 0-2 dep on the brand
I exercise an hour a day
It only potential causes dka in a small subset of the population and was due to a lack on monitoring
Not all patients are on pumps or in a honeymoon phase. Consider yourself lucky
Most of us are on many medications and it’s a choice. This medication too would be a CHOICE that each person could make
I have an A1C around 5. However I don’t have a pump and just like an average in math without a pump it’s pretty difficult to always be 80-120 statistically it’s impissibke without a pump.
The medication isn’t for you. Ok. Doesn’t mean others won’t benefit.

Does that answer your questions?